5 Must-Have Essential Oils for Natural Health and Home

Long before the pharmaceutical industry was ever even thought of, people used essential oils to help prevent illnesses, ease pain and stress, and live healthier. They can help boost your immune system, improve breathing, disinfect your home naturally, and even fight off cold and flu viruses, yet you will never walk out of your doctor’s office with a prescription for essential oils. The good thing is they also don’t come with the side effects those doctor’s prescriptions have either. For anyone looking to live better, healthier and more naturally, there are 5 must-have essential oils to keep on hand.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender has such a variety of uses that if you had to only pick one oil to buy, this would be the one. With its relaxing scent, it is one of the best oils to decrease stress levels and even offers benefits like helping you get better sleep. You can add a few drops to an essential oil diffuser or even sprinkle it on your pillow at night.

Many people also use it to repel insects like mosquitos by applying a drop or two to their skin. And, if you are bitten, rubbing lavender into the insect bite can help relieve the inflammation and end the itching fast. Lavender may also help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Earaches

Peppermint essential oil

Everyone is familiar with the scent of this oil and it’s not just good for getting you into the Christmas spirit. Peppermint oil can support normal breathing patterns, opening your airways and helping you breathe easier whether you suffer from asthma or just a common cold.

It can also alleviate nausea and headaches and has even been shown to calm your heart rate, decrease blood pressure, and improve memory performance.

Lemon essential oil

If you want a clean home without using all those dangerous chemicals, lemon oil could be the answer you’re looking for. Just add it to a spray bottle of water to make an easy, natural cleaning agent. Lemon oil can also help boost your mood, decrease mental fatigue, and refresh your mind.

Tea Tree essential oil

Anyone who is looking to stay healthy should have a bottle of tea tree oil in their home. Tea tree is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal, so it’s a necessity for fighting off those germs you are exposed to every day.

You can diffuse it or, like the lemon oil, combine it in a spray bottle with water and spray it throughout your home, on countertops, door handles, or just in the air to disinfect your living areas.

Chamomile essential oil

German chamomile is the strongest of the chamomile essential oils and provides some amazing benefits. You have probably already heard of using this oil for relaxation but may not realize that it is also an anti-inflammatory and a natural pain killer.

So, if the pain of arthritis, joint injuries, or back problems are keeping you up at night, chamomile oil can help ease the pain and let you get the rest you need.

What to look for in your oils

If you’re not already familiar with shopping for essential oils, here’s what to look for to ensure you get the most benefits.

  • Certified organic oils: Since you will be diffusing your oils, spraying them in the air you breathe, and possibly rubbing them into your skin, your best bet is to pick out oils that are certified organic. This means the herbs used to make the oils are grown without chemical pesticides and GMOs that could be harmful to your health.
  • Only 100 percent pure oil: You don’t want an oil that has a lot of fillers. Look at the ingredients and make sure the oil you choose is 100 percent pure oil.

All five of these essential oils can be used in a diffuser, a spray bottle with water, or applied to your skin as long as you combine them with a carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil. If you choose to use them on your skin, always test a small skin patch first to make sure you aren’t sensitive to the oil. The same is true if you decide to sprinkle the oil on your pillow at night, as some people may break out.

However, you choose to use your oil, you will quickly realize the benefits of this natural way to stay healthier and fight off infections without a prescription.

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