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Banish Age Spots & Soothe Red Skin: The Surprising Light Technique That Rejuvenates Your Complexion

In my practice, I often have patients who come to me about visible signs of…

ByByMatthew Johnson5 min read

The Veggie Victory: One Woman’s Triumph Over a Rare Skin Disorder with Plant Power

There’s tons of evidence out there that eating mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains —…

ByByDave Smith4 min read

7 New Cacao Benefits: From Brain Boost to Blood Pressure Bliss!

Wow, the response to my post last week on cacao, the superfood to beat statins,…

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Revamp Your Health: How Lifestyle Medicine Is Changing the Game for Good!

What if you could talk with your doctor and get a personalized “prescription” for life…

ByByEric Brown5 min read

Metabolism Magic: 3 Little-Known Trace Elements Your Body Is Craving

Though you likely think of metabolism in terms of weight loss, it’s actually much more…

ByByJennifer Davis5 min read

Boost Your Green Tea’s Cancer-Fighting Power with This Simple Trick

For years, green tea was considered the healthiest hot beverage option, with claims that it…

ByByRodney Thomas4 min read

Shave the Safe Way: The Nasty Trio Hiding in Your Shaving Cream

“Old-fashioned” often means “high-quality,” and too often, we sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience.…

ByByLisa Thomas5 min read

Crack the Craving Code: How Walnuts Keep Hunger at Bay and Boost Your Health

Cutting calories can be a battle against your brain as well as against your stomach.…

ByByLisa Thomas3 min read

Copper: The Fat-Burning Secret You’re Missing?

If you’re struggling to get rid of excess fat or feel like your energy levels…

ByByMatthew Johnson3 min read

Memory's Magic Pill

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Green tea drinkers beware: the shocking truth about liver damage

Green tea has long been touted as a miracle health drink, offering benefits ranging from…

ByByRodney Thomas4 min read

Beyond Broccoli: Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of Sulforaphane-Rich Foods

If you’re looking for ways to boost your health and protect your brain, you might…

ByByRodney Thomas4 min read

The Green Fruit Secret: How Avocados Fight Obesity and Diabetes

There are a lot of diseases and health problems out there. However, hands down the…

ByByMatthew Johnson3 min read

11 Essential Nutrients Your Heart Medications Might Be Depleting

Wouldn’t it be great if the focus on avoiding or reversing heart disease was on…

ByByLisa Thomas4 min read
Mushroom Memory Formula

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