Chew Your Way to Better Health: Dental Wonders That May Ease Chronic Pain and Restore Growth

Sometimes, the cause of your serious health problems may be right under your nose – literally. A growing number of case studies are shedding light on the strong connection between dental issues and chronic illnesses that might seem unrelated at first glance. Treatments for arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and vision problems often overlook dental issues which sometimes contribute to these ailments. By addressing dental complications, some patients have experienced drastic improvements in their overall health.

Arthritis Pain – A Dental Link

Can a dental issue be the root cause of severe arthritis pain? The case of a 10-year-old boy with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis suggests it’s a possibility. The arthritis only began after the boy had a root canal with a stainless steel crown. When a sympathetic dentist extracted the tooth and thoroughly sterilized it with ozone, the boy’s arthritic symptoms eased and eventually almost disappeared.

Vision Problems and Dental Relationships

It might seem far-fetched to suggest that dental issues could be linked to vision problems. However, consider a patient named Dan M., who regained partial sight after two teeth extractions and proper removal of large mercury-alloy fillings. While not fully cured, Dan’s vision improved significantly after his dental treatments. Further detoxification and cleansing may continue to enhance his vision over time.

Hip Pain and Dental Work

Another surprising connection between dental work and chronic pain is evident in the case of Samantha H. She experienced severe hip pain that felt “like it is out of joint.” Despite visiting an orthopedist and undergoing an MRI, doctors could only prescribe her pain medication without identifying the problem. However, after dental surgery to remove a benign lesion of chronic localized sclerosing osteomyelitis, Samantha could walk without her cane and hasn’t used it since.

Growth Problems and Dental Appliances

A young boy named Brandon visited biological dentist Wendell Robertson, looking for solutions to help increase his height. Robertson placed an epigenetic orthodontic appliance in Brandon’s mouth, which encouraged undifferentiated bone stem cells to grow in parts of the bone plate of the upper mouth. Brandon wore the appliance, growing taller at a rate of one inch per month for four consecutive months, apparently due to the appliance allowing for normal pituitary function inside the skull.

A Holistic Approach to Dental Health

Many patients may not expect the incredible results they achieve from addressing dental issues when seeking treatment for other chronic illnesses. By recognizing and treating dental problems, it’s possible to alleviate symptoms and improve health conditions that might not otherwise respond to traditional treatments.

Biological dentistry, coupled with proper detoxification and cleansing, can be an effective road to recovery for a multitude of chronic medical issues. If you suspect that a dental problem may be affecting your overall health, consider seeking the services of a holistic dentist. You can find a biological dentist near you by visiting the Holistic Dental Association’s website at

Remember, your overall health is a complex system, and even issues that might appear unrelated at first glance can be connected in surprising ways. By considering every possible angle, including dental health, you may find relief from chronic ailments more quickly and effectively.