Coconut Craze: 11 Top Tricks to Transform Your Health and Beauty Routine with Coconut Oil!

One of my favorite products of all time is coconut oil. I use it on a daily basis and think that hands-down it’s one of the best ways to improve your health and get clearer, softer, younger-looking skin.

If you don’t know about it yet, here are the health benefits you can get from coconut oil:

  • Weight loss – Coconut oils weight-loss power comes from its medium chain fatty acids which mimic the effect of starvation in your body helping you to burn more fat.
  • Improved Memory –Coconut oil is also a good source of ketone bodies which have been linked to improvements in memory and cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Reduces Inflammation – A scientific study in India found that coconut oil is a potent anti-inflammatory.
  • Defeats Arthritis – That same study discovered that it is effective in treating arthritis thanks to both its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Boosts Testosterone – Falling testosterone levels come with age but research shows that coconut oil can significantly boost those levels.

And, those are just a few of the benefits of coconut oil.

It’s also been shown to fight infections, speed wound healing and improve your cholesterol levels and bone health.

To top it off, it’s great for your skin and hair because its low molecular weight allows for deeper penetration than other products while its all-natural base helps you avoid chemicals.

Here are 11 ways to use the oil on your skin and in your food in order to grab all of its benefits…

Coconut oil on the outside

1 – Moisturizer

Coconut oil is packed with saturated fats that can help lock moisture into your skin. Rub it on individually or mix it with jojoba oil and shea butter to make an especially rich body lotion.

2 – Body Scrub

You can also make an all-natural body scrub that is super healthy for your skin by mixing the oil with coconut sugar. Scrub into the skin a few times a week while in the shower.

3 – Moisturizing Bath

Mix ¼ cup of coconut oil with ¼ cup of Epsom salts for a relaxing bath that leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. You can even add essential oils like lavender for added relaxation or eucalyptus to help clear your sinuses.

4 – Makeup Remover

To remove your makeup the natural way, simply rub the oil into your skin using gentle, circular motions and then wipe with a warm, wet cloth. It will leave your skin hydrated and makeup free.

5 – Face Wash

Mix ½ cup of coconut oil with 8 drops each of lavender, tea tree, and geranium essential oils. The combined antibacterial action of the tea tree oil and the coconut can help prevent acne while leaving your skin soft and smooth.

6 – Lip Balm

Melt the coconut oil either on the stovetop or in the microwave and add 10 drops of jojoba oil. Be sure to store in a glass container. Once you slather it on, you’ll say goodbye to cracked lips for good.

And coconut oil on the inside…

7 – Cooking at High Heat

Coconut oil has a high smoke point so it’s the perfect oil when you have to cook at high heat and won’t oxidize like other oils. Use it whenever you need to sauté or fry foods.

8 – Butter Replacement

A little coconut oil makes a great start to your day, especially when you use it to replace butter and slather it on to a piece of toast. You’ll enjoy both how it tastes and how it smells.

9 – Coffee Creamer

My favorite way to use the oil is to add a tablespoon to my morning coffee along with some stevia. It gives coffee a rich, creamy flavor so you can skip your usual coffee creamer.

10 – Popcorn Flavoring

Movie theaters used to use coconut oil to pop their popcorn. It’s what gave the popcorn its amazing flavor. Now, they cheap out and use butter substitutes but you don’t have to. Pop your popcorn in coconut oil on the stovetop or add a little on top of your microwave bags to get that old-fashioned flavor you crave.

11 – Smoothies

For a richer more flavorful morning smoothie, add a tablespoon to your go-to recipe.

Considering how many benefits coconut oil has to offer, you’ll want to use it as many ways as possible. Just be sure to look for virgin, organic oil so that you grab all the benefits with none of the chemicals.