Energize Your Health and Revitalize the Nation: Unveil the Revolutionary Power of Going Green!

Forget what you think you know about the term “Go Green.” This isn’t about a political agenda or environmental movement. It’s about restoring your health and, in doing so, transforming America and our healthcare system.

By following the “Go Green” nutritarian diet, you’ll feel better than ever and contribute to cutting down on the power of big pharmaceutical businesses.

But first, a little background on the state of healthcare in America. Many people have become disillusioned with the current system, especially after the introduction of Obamacare. “Go Green” aims to be a grassroots revolution outside of the traditional healthcare sphere, reversing Obamacare and reducing the government’s involvement in the medical industry.

How can you be part of this change? By simply changing your way of eating. The “Go Green” or nutritarian diet is comprised of 90% nutrient-rich plant foods. Vegetables are the main focus, with fruits, beans, and legumes also making up a large part of the diet. Seeds, nuts, avocados, whole grains, and potatoes feature to a lesser extent, followed by poultry, oil, eggs, fish, and fat-free dairy. Beef, sweets, cheese, and processed foods make up the smallest portion of the diet.

This highly nutritious, low-calorie diet works in direct opposition to the high-calorie, low-nutrition Standard American Diet (SAD). Following a nutritarian approach can help you lose weight, eliminate chronic conditions, and increase your overall longevity.

To get started on this transformative lifestyle, you’ll want to educate yourself by watching the DVD “Forks Over Knives” and Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s lectures on cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Making these changes has helped countless people, including those well into their golden years, improve their health and say goodbye to their chronic ailments.

Following the nutritarian diet can lead to:

  1. Guaranteed better health
  2. Avoiding diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes
  3. Growing your own food in a small home garden
  4. Stamping out the influence of the pharmaceutical and medical industries
  5. Increasing your lifespan by reducing calorie intake
  6. Retraining your taste buds to enjoy nutritious foods
  7. Feeling satisfied and never hungry
  8. Helping to take down Obamacare by becoming healthy
  9. Cutting the junk food industry in half

It’s time to fight back against the commercial interests that profit from the current state of American health. This includes food manufacturers, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, politicians, and government agencies like the Department of Agriculture. These profit-driven entities depend on the SAD to sustain their profits – by choosing the nutritarian diet, you’re taking power away from them and putting it back in your own hands.

By choosing the nutritarian diet, not only will you restore your health, but you’ll contribute to shrinking the influence of the pharmaceutical industry and promote a better healthcare system for everyone. Imagine an America where the health of its citizens is prioritized over industry profits – by committing to the “Go Green” diet, you can be part of that change.

Start by ordering educational material like “Forks Over Knives” and Dr. Fuhrman’s “Immersion Excursion” series. Share this information with your friends and family and watch as more people embrace a healthier lifestyle. By choosing better food and better habits, you can save your health and help restore America to a brighter future.