Find Your Zen and Fitness with Kung Fu: A Mind-Body Adventure

Martial arts might be perceived by many as forms of violent sports or exercise, but they offer a deeply rooted discipline of the mind and body that can considerably improve your health and well-being. Traditional Kung Fu training offers a gateway to the spiritual world as the origin of all martial arts comes from India, where an Indian monk, Bodhidharma, created Chan Buddhism, now known as Zen Buddhism. The main idea was to find a set of exercises to strengthen both their mental and physical capacities to help develop their spirituality. Traditional Kung Fu training places emphasis on the development of the mind, body and spirit, which allows one to become spiritual by releasing the ego and not having to prove yourself over another. It allows self-doubts and fears to dissipate while confidence is raised. A unique blend of physical, mental and emotional health improvements can be gained through a practice of traditional Kung Fu.

Traditional Kung Fu promotes a balanced lifestyle between excessive and deficient practices and unites hard and soft forms of intellectual and physical development. This way of life provides a healthier training experience than other forms of popular exercise methods. For example, running can break down the knees while aerobics might build cardio fitness but disregard emotional or spiritual development. Traditional Kung Fu comprises dynamics, stamina, perseverance, spiritual fortitude, muscular strength, and cardiovascular health. Solo-fighting sequences can increase your body’s calorie burn, while precise control of breathing exercises brings oxygen to your body and blood, allowing for better movement of bodily fluids. This enables the body to feel good internally and externally while engaging the mind actively.

Finding a traditional Kung Fu school might be tricky, as many establishments have had to close down or change to keep up with financial demands. Search for a stable kung fu school either online or visiting them in person that offers the total wellness package of traditional Kung Fu training.