Get Moving for a Boost in the Bedroom: Natural Tips for Men’s Health

The first step to naturally lowering your risk of impotence is to step outside. Exercises like walking three hours per week can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by 30 percent1. Along with physical activity, a variety of herbs can also boost your sexual abilities.

The Value of Movement

If you don’t move, then your sex life probably won’t move, either. An analysis of 31,742 men aged 53 to 90 reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2003 shows that exercise keeps you leaner and fit for sex and mentally more ready for sexual interaction.

Stress Obstructions

Sexual drive and satisfaction often slow and weaken due to stress and preoccupation with work. The message of the movie “The Secret” – that “what you think about and feel about, you bring about” – applies to your sex life. To boost your sex life, start thinking about creative ways to make your partner happy and increase their sexual desire. Begin your day with that end in mind.

If you want to make it wonderful for your partner, you must build their confidence that they are attractive, desirable, and the most important person in your life. They must feel sexy before they could be sexy. Use a few carefully chosen words and nonverbal cues to make them a believer.

Remember, good sex at night begins at sunrise with caring words, nonsexual tender touches, and showing that you care for all their needs. Your partner must know that you care. That sets the scene for physical touches that lead to mutual sexual enjoyment. A sensual movie can start the hormonal spark, but be creative.

Supplements to Improve Sexual Performance

Numerous natural products are available to enhance both male and female sexual activity. Most of these natural botanicals are herbs known to increase genital blood flow. These herbs are all safe, but you must be cautious with yohimbine, which has adverse effects if you use too much.

When considering a nonprescription supplement for sexual enhancement, libido enhancement, or erectile enhancement, keep in mind that many products can be purchased online. These are combinations of natural ingredients that often increase sexual hormones (testosterone, human growth hormone, DHEA), increase blood flow to the penis or clitoris, increase skin sensitivity, and boost your personal energy.

Helpful Supplements

  • L-Arginine is known to cause the smooth muscle of blood vessels to produce the vasodilator substance, nitric oxide. This vasodilation in the blood vessels of the penis is the key to an erection. A dose of 5,000 mg daily has been shown to significantly improve sexual dysfunction in a placebo-controlled trial of 50 men over six weeks. Lower doses are not effective, and higher doses can cause stomach acid pains or alter potassium levels in patients with kidney disease. (In those cases, consult your healthcare practitioner.)
  • Propionyl-L-carnitine is another amino acid naturally produced in the body that improves circulation. At 2,000 mg daily, it has been proven to improve sexual function when used with sildenafil citrate (Viagra®).
  • Ginkgo relaxes smooth muscle to enhance blood flow to the penis. However, this herb doesn’t work for everyone, and when it is beneficial, it can take months before you experience results.
  • Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng, Ayurvedic ginseng) is reported to increase energy, stamina, and sexual function.
  • Yohimbine from African yohimbine tree bark stimulates blood flow to the penis and decreases the period between ejaculations. In small doses, it can cause dizziness, anxiety, nausea, severely low blood pressure, abdominal pain, and fatigue. The most common side effect is anxiety. Higher doses can lead to hallucinations, high blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, seizures, or even kidney failure. Yohimbine hydrochloride is also a prescription medication for the same indication.
  • Maca root (Peruvian ginseng) has been thought to increase stamina, energy, and sexual function in men and women. Research into this herb has had mixed results: two studies showed improvement, and two showed no improvement.
  • Horny goat weed is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and low libido in women. It was first found by a Chinese goat herder who noticed its effects on the sexual activity among his animals.
  • Tongkat Ali has been used in Malaysia to treat erectile dysfunction because it is thought to increase testosterone. Testosterone helps with good mood, sexual desire, and increased muscle mass. Unfortunately, testosterone stimulates the growth of existing hormone-sensitive cancers.

There are many other herbs known for sexual enhancement found in commercial products, including tribulus terrestris, catuaba, cnidium, coleus forskohlii, damiana, mucuna pruriens, muira puama, passionflower, rehmannia, rhodiola, ginseng, fo-ti, Shilajit, Longjack root, Pygeum africanum, nettle leaf, Astragalus, sarsaparilla, epimedium, ginger extract, Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps sinensis, Butea superb, Smilax myosotiflora, and Polyrachis vicinia.

I hope this helps you to a more enjoyable life and companionship!
To your continuous health and happiness.

  1. Bacon CG, Mittleman MA, Kawachi I, Giovannucci E, Glasser DB, Rimm EB. Sexual Function in Men Older Than 50 Years of Age: Results from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. Ann Intern Med. 2003 Aug 5;139(3):161-8.