Green Tea’s Superpower Against Genetic Disorders & Tumors

Imagine suffering from a rare genetic disorder so deadly that eating something as simple as a hamburger could send you into convulsions, brain damage, or even death. That’s the terrifying reality for people suffering from hyperinsulinism and hyperammonemia syndrome (HHS).

They lack a critical enzyme called glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) that regulates blood sugar and ammonia levels. Without it, protein causes their bodies to severely crash – making everyday foods lethal.

Untreated, many with HHS die young after slipping into comas or enduring repeated seizures. Those lucky enough to survive endure a restrictive diet avoiding protein for life.

But now, a ray of hope has emerged from an unlikely source – green tea!

Researchers at the prestigious Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have discovered that compounds derived from green tea can actually compensate for the missing GDH enzyme in HHS patients.

In an exciting trial, oral treatment with the natural green tea substances successfully regulated GDH levels and reduced the deadly hypoglycemic reactions. Finally allowing patients to safely eat higher protein foods without life-threatening consequences.

Dr. Thomas Smith, lead researcher on the study, was stunned by the results. “Being able to use a simple, common product like green tea to treat a devastating disorder like HHS is an incredible medical breakthrough,” he said.

But the benefits of green tea don’t end there. Further research by Dr. Smith’s team revealed that the same compounds that regulate GDH could also be weaponized to combat stubborn brain tumors.

By blocking GDH, the green tea substances were extremely effective at destroying difficult-to-treat glioblastomas. As well as non-malignant tumors caused by tuberous sclerosis complex disorder.

Per Dr. Smith, “Our ongoing work shows natural plant solutions can not only control deadly diseases like HHS, but also take down tumors once thought impossible to treat – giving us new hope against formidable foes.”

So it seems this ancient Asian remedy packs health benefits modern medicine is only now uncovering. As researchers continue unraveling the full potential of green tea, it’s clear this humble drink contains tiny molecules capable of big miracles!