Master the Mighty Quad Press: Your Must-Try No-Gym Full Body Power-Up!

No time, no equipment, and no place to exercise? Not any more! When time is limited, full-body exercises that engage many of your major and minor muscle groups are the way to go. The most convenient and affordable option is to perform bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere and at any time. The quad press is one such exercise that provides a fantastic whole-body workout without any necessary equipment or prolonged commitment.

What is a Quad Press?

A quad press is similar to a push-up, but it is a bit more challenging as it works both your upper and lower body at once. By performing a quad press, you engage your triceps and quadriceps simultaneously, as well as working on core stabilization and coordination. It can be a tiring exercise since it involves activating multiple muscles groups.

How to Perform the Quad Press

To begin, get into an all-fours position, similar to a traditional push-up. Next, step your legs forward so your knees bend and move toward your chest. Ensure that your back remains in a neutral position and that your heels are off the floor.

From here, bend your knees and elbows simultaneously, lowering your body towards the floor while keeping your back in a neutral position throughout. Attempt to perform 3 sets of 10 quad presses, ensuring that there is no leaning and that your head remains aligned.

Common Posture Mistakes to Avoid

When performing the quad press, don’t merely try to touch your head to the floor. Instead, keep your back straight and head in line, and let the elbow and knee joints lead the movements.

Isometric Alternatives

If you find the quad press too difficult, you can use its mid-position to develop isometric strength first. From the starting position, lower halfway and hold for a count of 10 or 20 seconds before returning to the start. Repeat several times or as able.

This isometric hold will develop strength at various points along the path of the movement and prepare you to complete the full quad press. The lower you hold yourself, the more difficult the isometric exercise is. Begin with only a slight bend in your arm and knee, and then progress over time to deeper bends.

Isotonic Pulses

Another alternative is to get into position, lower yourself halfway, and then pulse up and down a short distance at a steady pace. This generates a springy feeling in your joints, helping you become accustomed to using your muscles and joints together as a team. This technique can make the quad press more dynamic and enjoyable.


If you are looking for an excellent whole-body workout that builds strength and dynamic balance, consider incorporating these three quad press exercises into your fitness regimen. Give them a try and experience the benefits for yourself!