Mastering Self-Control: The Real Key to Dropping Pounds and Boosting Wellness

If you truly want to lose weight or, in fact, make any real improvement in your health, you have to start by adopting better health habits and behavior. The best program in the world can’t make a difference if you don’t embrace and practice well-defined ways to drop pounds and achieve wellness.

Game Changers

Game-changing health information and wellness programs come and go like passengers on a busy train. Very few possess staying power. Even some that are viable and do stick around because their basic principles are sound don’t garner the results they could because they don’t account for basic human nature.

Fitness and weight loss programs like P90X and Body for Life are well developed and based on strong fitness principles. Both programs show amazing results for the dedicated user. Diet systems like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem are ever-evolving with new weight-loss information. Yet, despite some success, many participants in these programs do not lose weight or keep it off. Again, it’s an issue of not being able to rein in human behavior.

Within the diet sector, the past decade has seen an attachment to the idea of eating more frequently. Many diet programs, like Jorge Cruse’s 3-hour Diet and others, profess that eating smaller meals more frequently will help you lose weight and keep it off. Why? Eating small amounts of food throughout the day gives you sustained energy and balanced blood sugar. It also allows your body to break down food one small portion at a time.