New Year, New You: How Friend Hangouts, Vitamin D, and a Clean Home Could Help You Drop Pounds

As the new year approaches, many people resolve to lose weight, but not everyone succeeds. However, several alternative remedies and techniques may help increase the odds of successful weight loss. From the importance of staying social to the benefits of the sunshine vitamin, these findings may give you the extra boost you need in your weight loss journey.

Use the power of friendship to burn calories

According to a study published in the journal, Cell Metabolism, having an active social life could help you lose weight. The research suggests that socializing may turn white fat into brown fat. While white fat stores calories, brown fat burns them, significantly aiding in weight loss. So, instead of isolating yourself, get out and engage with friends to help you meet your goals.

More vitamin D equals better weight loss success

The University of Michigan conducted a study that found increasing vitamin D intake could improve a person’s chances of losing weight while on a diet. The sunshine vitamin can be obtained from various sources, like spending time outdoors in sunlight and consuming vitamin D-rich foods, like salmon, tuna, and fortified milk.

Although the researchers noted that not everyone should take vitamin D supplements to lose weight, they did say that if someone is vitamin D deficient, supplementing.vitamin D to achieve normal levels, alongside standard approaches, might help boost weight loss success.

If you’re unsure about your vitamin D levels, you can consult your healthcare provider to run a blood test, and they can recommend appropriate action based on the results.

Maintaining a tidy home supports weight loss

Another alternative weight loss remedy that could help you succeed on your journey involves keeping your house clean. Interestingly, a study found that there is a correlation between the tidiness of one’s home and their fitness.

By maintaining a clean and organized living space, not only will your mental health improve, but the process of cleaning actually burns calories, providing extra support in losing weight. Next time you’re trying to meet your step goals, consider doing a thorough cleaning session.