Shake It Off: How a Wobbly Plate Can Help Zap Belly Fat

If you’re struggling to lose weight, simply reducing the calories in your diet and exercising may not be enough. Dutch researchers have found that a special kind of plate, called a vibrating plate, could be the key to losing weight and maintaining the weight loss. You only need to stand on the vibrating platform for a few minutes each day, under supervision to learn the correct technique. This amazing device could help you lose harmful body fat, according to a study conducted in Amsterdam.

Vibrating Plates: A Promising Approach

Vibration machines, or power plates, are becoming increasingly popular in gyms. However, until recently, there was no evidence to suggest that they help people lose weight. “Our study, the first to investigate the effects of vibration in obese people, indicates it’s a promising approach. It looks like these machines could be a useful addition to a weight control package,” says researcher Dirk Vissers, a physiotherapist at the Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium.

It’s important to note that Vissers and his team maintain that a healthy diet and exercise are crucial aspects of any weight loss journey. However, they found that the vibration machines can help eliminate inflammatory body fat, often located around the stomach area. Participants in the study used the machines for around 12 minutes per session during the first three months of weight loss. This increased to 14 minutes a day for the following three months.

An Alternative to Weight Lifting

Vissers is encouraged by his study’s results, but warns that vibration plates are not a replacement for aerobic exercise and a healthy diet. “They still need a healthy diet and aerobic exercise, but this could be a viable alternative to weight lifting,” he explains. The vibrating plate works by causing muscles to rapidly contract, which subsequently builds lean muscle mass.

Vissers addresses the perception that vibration machines are an easy path to fitness, saying, “People say vibration machines are fitness for lazy people. It may feel like a shortcut, but if it’s easy, you are not doing it properly.” He emphasizes the importance of proper supervision, particularly for beginners. “Supervision in the beginning is imperative and the longer the better,” Vissers adds, noting that standing on the machine and holding the handles, as many people do at the gym, will not yield any results.

How to Use a Vibrating Plate Properly

To effectively use a vibration plate and experience real weight loss benefits, you should follow these steps:

  1. Start with proper supervision: As Vissers mentioned, start out with a trainer who can teach you the correct technique and ensure safety during your workouts.

  2. Focus on your core: Engage your core muscles during each session, maintaining proper posture and balance. This will help target and reduce harmful abdominal fat.

  3. Use the plate for strength training: Rather than using the vibrating plate as a whole new fitness routine, incorporate the machine into your existing exercise plan. This might involve using the plate to perform squats, push-ups, or lunges.

  4. Be consistent: As with any weight loss plan, consistency is key. Make it a goal to use the vibrating plate regularly, gradually increasing session durations as you become more familiar with the technique.

  5. Keep up your healthy lifestyle: The vibrating plate is not a miracle solution for weight loss. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet, aerobic exercise, and any other weight loss strategies you’ve adopted in conjunction with using the plate.

So, while vibrating plates might not be a one-stop solution to weight loss, they could be a valuable tool to consider adding to your overall fitness routine. Just remember the importance of proper technique, focused exercises, and maintaining a healthy diet and aerobic exercise for optimum results.