Silver Strikes Back: The Gentle Giant of Natural Antibiotics

Before the emergence of pharmaceutical antibiotics in the 1940s, colloidal silver was a popular natural antibiotic that had been used for half a century. However, the excitement of new wonder drugs caused colloidal silver to fade from most people’s memory. Colloidal silver contains relevant electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as 70 other microtrace minerals. Electrolytes maintain a balance of acids and bases in the body, as well as normal fluid balance inside and outside cells.

The History of Silver in Medicine

Silver has a long-standing reputation in medicine as a non-toxic, natural antibiotic. Unlike most pharmaceutical antibiotics, which kill five or six different types of germs, silver has been reported to kill hundreds. More importantly, unlike conventional antibiotics, germs cannot build resistance to the natural antibiotic effects of colloidal silver. Additionally, colloidal silver is extremely safe for adults and children.

Colloidal silver is non-toxic, tasteless, and can be applied both internally and externally. It is a broad-spectrum germ-fighter and disinfectant that helps reduce the length and severity of various bacterial infections. As a result, colloidal silver is considered one of the most significant discoveries in preventative, natural healthcare.

Prior to 1938, colloidal silver was commonly used to treat internal infections such as flu, fevers, herpes, hepatitis, Epstein-Barr, bronchitis, pneumonia, and yeast/vaginal infections. It was also utilized for external infections like those in the eyes and ears, dental abscesses, nasal/sinus infections, poison oak and rashes, burns, cuts and bites, and athlete’s foot.

While this information doesn’t prove that colloidal silver cures infections or diseases, it does showcase its powerful antimicrobial properties. Colloidal silver has a vast history of safe and effective use, with an increasing number of health professionals and individuals using it to reduce the duration and severity of infectious disorders. Always consult your healthcare professional regarding your specific needs.

The Potential Risk of Argyria

It’s important to note that the overuse of certain types of protein-bound silver compounds can cause a blue or gray skin discoloration known as argyria. However, most colloidal silver preparations do not carry this risk, as they are prepared as homeopathic substances rather than antibiotics, while still offering the same medicinal effects.

A Natural Alternative to Conventional Antibiotics

Given the growing concern of antibiotic resistance and the side effects of conventional antibiotics, many people are turning to colloidal silver as a natural alternative for treating infections and strengthening the immune system. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of colloidal silver or incorporating it into your healthcare routine, consult a trusted healthcare professional to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

In summary, colloidal silver is a versatile and powerful natural antibiotic that holds a crucial place in history. As a non-toxic and broad-spectrum germ-fighter, it can significantly help reduce the length and severity of various bacterial infections while posing minimal side effects. As concerns about antibiotic resistance continue to rise, colloidal silver stands as a safer, natural alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics.