Sip, Swish, Detox: My Go-To Saltwater Cleanse Revealed

In our modern, contaminated environment, it’s almost impossible to avoid encountering toxins that can negatively affect our bodies. Therefore, it’s essential to find effective methods to cleanse and detoxify our systems to maintain good health. One dependable approach is to follow a clean, paleo diet consisting of whole, organic foods and avoiding processed food, grains, soy, legumes, and dairy products. This diet can effectively keep digestion effective and unproblematic while minimizing your exposure to the toxic chemicals commonly found in junk food.

Another potent and highly recommended detox method is the occasional saltwater flush—a simple, quick, and effective process that leaves you feeling cleaner. If you have toxins clinging to your intestinal walls, this flush can help eliminate them with ease.

The Saltwater Flush Procedure

The process of performing a saltwater flush is incredibly easy and straightforward. To begin, add two teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt to a quart of filtered, room temperature, or lukewarm water. It is crucial to use non-iodized sea salt as iodized salt can interfere with your body’s detoxification process.

Make sure to consume the saltwater solution on an empty stomach—preferably first thing in the morning before breakfast. Also, ensure a bathroom is easily accessible, as you’ll probably need to use it soon after completing the flush.

To enhance the flush’s efficacy, lie down on your right side for about 15 minutes after consuming the solution, as this position can help the saltwater move through your stomach efficiently and make its way into your intestines. Another helpful tip is to chew on a lemon before drinking the flush, making it easier to consume the saltwater solution.

You could also try an alternative method in which you mix two teaspoons of sea salt into around 2 ounces of filtered water and consume it as quickly as possible. To make it more bearable, take a sip of the remaining water and a piece of lemon immediately after finishing your first glass. This method is less intense and can be more palatable for some individuals.

What to Expect During and After the Flush

Typically, the saltwater flush begins working within an hour or two, and you’ll have to visit the bathroom multiple times, possibly resulting in diarrhea. You might also feel some discomfort due to the flush’s rapid effects. Nausea and vomiting are not uncommon, so it’s essential to be prepared for these potential outcomes.

Though some people might question the efficacy of salt flushes for detoxification purposes, many others find them helpful, relaxing, and, ultimately, beneficial for their overall health. Coupled with a clean, paleo diet, a saltwater flush can greatly improve your digestion, mental clarity, and physiological health.