The Secret Vitamin That May Help Your Body Stay Youthful Inside Out

We all know that aging is a fact of life, but have you ever considered what happens as your body’s vital organs age? While wrinkles appear on your skin, your internal organs also undergo changes, making them less able to regenerate and recover from injuries. This leaves you prone to age-related diseases. However, there is good news: research has shown that a specific vitamin can boost your organs’ regenerative powers to bolster your overall health and lengthen your life. That “miracle” vitamin is nicotinamide riboside (NR), a form of vitamin B3.

Nicotinamide riboside and organ regeneration

Recent NR studies have yielded impressive results. For example, in research published in the journal Science, elderly mice given NR displayed improved muscular regeneration (and remember, the heart is a muscle) and lived significantly longer than those not given the supplement. The study’s lead researcher, Johan Auwerx, said the findings could have significant implications for regenerative medicine, given that NR is a product that can be taken with food.

The cellular connection

A closer look at NR reveals that it boosts the body’s production of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), an enzyme that powers your mitochondria, the cellular “batteries” responsible for generating cells’ energy. In a scientific breakthrough, researchers discovered that properly functioning mitochondria are essential to your stem cells, which in turn help regenerate your organs. “We demonstrated that fatigue in stem cells was one of the main causes of poor regeneration or even degeneration in certain tissues or organs,” said Hongbo Zhang, a researcher involved in the study.

Additional benefits

Even more compelling, a Cornell team’s study found that NR may alleviate metabolic and age-related disorders such as type 2 diabetes. After observing improved insulin sensitivity in mice given NR, the researchers suggested that better insulin management could be both age-defying and life-lengthening. Insulin, the master hormone, plays a significant role in overall health and longevity. Some researchers, like Dr. Michael Cutler, theorize that many centenarians maintain remarkable health because they’ve discovered how to balance their insulin levels.

The bottom line

So how can you reap the benefits of NR and give your fatigued stem cells a rejuvenating energy boost? While trace amounts of NR are available in some foods, like milk, these quantities are insufficient to have a noticeable effect. To truly recharge your stem cells and regenerate your organs, you’ll need to take an NR supplement. Most NR supplements recommend a daily dosage of approximately 250 mg. By starting today, you could defy your body’s aging process in a whole new way!