Zap Your Cold Fast: The Zinc Secret to Sniffle-Free Days!

If you’re tired of trying countless cold medicines with little to no effect, Australian researchers have discovered a remedy that can significantly decrease the duration of your cold: high-dose zinc acetate lozenges. Unlike over-the-counter medication that barely makes a dent in our cold symptoms, high-dose zinc acetate lozenges can cut the length of your cold by nearly 42 percent. Perhaps more importantly, specific symptoms can also be treated effectively.

Analyzing the Power of Zinc

The researchers examined three different studies to analyze the power of zinc lozenges on cold symptoms. According to their findings, zinc lozenges can:

  • Shorten the time noses run by 34 percent
  • Reduce nasal congestion by 37 percent
  • End sneezing 22 percent faster
  • Ease scratchy throats 33 percent sooner
  • Reduce hoarseness by 43 percent
  • Lessen sore throat by 18 percent
  • Reduce coughing by 46 percent
  • Ease muscle aches 54 percent sooner

Initially, the researchers had hypothesized that zinc lozenges would solely benefit the mouth and throat regions since the zinc ions are released into the saliva in these areas. However, their review demonstrated that zinc is just as powerful in treating nasal and respiratory issues.

Mild and Rare Side Effects

If you’re concerned about the potential side effects of using zinc lozenges, worry not. The researchers found that side effects are mild and quite rare. In their conclusion, they stated: “…zinc acetate lozenges releasing zinc ions at doses of about 80 mg/day may be a useful treatment for the common cold, started within 24 hours, for a time period of less than two weeks.”

Understanding the Dosage

So, what is considered a high dose of zinc acetate, and how does it compare to a low dose? The studies in question used 92 mg a day as a high dose, with any dose less than 75 mg a day having no effect on the cold symptoms.

It’s essential to note that the zinc lozenges you purchase may not always contain zinc acetate. Many lozenges on the market have zinc citrate or gluconate, which, although great for zinc intake, are not effective when it comes to combating cold symptoms. Furthermore, many only contain 15, 18, or 23 mg of zinc acetate in each lozenge.

When you’re facing a cold or feel one beginning to emerge, ensure that you obtain the proper dosage of over 80 mg of zinc acetate per day.

Choosing the Right Cold Remedy

When selecting a remedy for your cold, it’s crucial to resist the marketing hype surrounding many of the products available on retail shelves. Studies show that most of these remedies are not effective at treating the common cold.

Instead, focus on obtaining high-dose zinc acetate lozenges with 80 mg or more zinc acetate per day. This specific treatment has been proven to reduce the duration of a cold by almost half and provide valued relief to a wide range of symptoms.

As always, consult your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any new treatment, especially if you have any existing health concerns or are on other medications. Stay healthy, and choose wisely when battling the common cold!