Bigger waistline = smaller brain?

British scientists wanted to check what your waistline has to do with brain health. So they took 9,652 people and compared their body mass index (BMI) and their waist-to-hip ratio with their brain volume.

And what they found shocked them!

Turns out 1,291 of the study participants had the lowest brain volume — about ¾ of a cubic inch lower than other participants who had a healthy BMI or a higher BMI but a healthy waist-to-hip ratio.

That’s about 1.3 Billion brain cells less! And the larger the waistline, the less brain cells.
Now I know what you’re going to say — “correlation does not equal causation”. And the scientists agree — they don’t know if obesity is the result of a lower brain volume or that the “abnormalities in brain volume” lead to obesity.

But here’s what they do know — not only brains of obese people are smaller, they’re also less flexible.

Which means it’s harder to learn and remember things and the brain is less capable of repairing itself.

So losing weight is crucial for healthy brain aging and recovery from strokes and brain injuries because learning is the most important factor in recovery.

Researchers also uncovered a major discovery — people with high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and those who took V vitamins had 40 percent less brain shrinkage.

Forty percent! That’s almost half the brain volume.

The best source of healthy Omega-3s is the one that delivers nutrients from the depths of Antarctica.

I’m talking about Krill oil. A super-compound in krill oil — DHA surges the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in your brain. Which fuels the growth of brand new brain cells.

Just think how that would revitalize your brain, cognitive function, mood, and your mental health.

The longer you use Krill oil, the smarter you get. Your memory improves and now you can even beat your friends at Poker!

You can find Krill oil in any major health food store. Not only is it good for the brain but it’s also good for the heart. It fights inflammation, may reduce anxiety and may even lower arthritis and joint pain.