Cancer Truth Bomb: Doctors Refuse Their Own Treatments

The cancer treatment industry wants you to believe that chemotherapy and radiation are your only hope against cancer. They warn that seeking alternative therapies makes you vulnerable to “quacks” who will take your money and lead you astray.

But what if I told you that the real quacks are the oncologists themselves? What if their own treatments are ineffective, outdated, and even dangerous?

I know it may be hard to believe. The cancer industry has spent billions on advertising and PR to convince you their therapies are cutting edge. But let’s look at the facts.

Cancer Doctors Avoid Their Own Medicine

In a shocking survey by McGill University, a whopping 91% of oncologists said they would refuse chemotherapy if they themselves were diagnosed with cancer.

That’s right – 9 out of 10 cancer doctors would turn down the very treatments they prescribe daily to their patients!

When asked why, they admitted their therapies are often ineffective and even toxic. Some went so far as to call them “barbaric” and “ineffective”.

This survey was done years ago, yet chemo and radiation remain the backbone of conventional cancer care today. Clearly the industry is not interested in innovation, only profit.

Animal Studies Greatly Exaggerate Drug Effects

Cancer drugs must be tested on animals before human trials. But a new McGill study found these animal studies exaggerate drug effects by up to 45% compared to humans.

For example Sutent, a chemotherapy drug for rare cancers, was found to have little benefit in mice trials. But rather than publish this data, it was suppressed.

Lead researcher Dr. Jonathan Kimmelman said this deceptive practice leads to “patients being exposed to harmful and inactive agents”.

Again, profit triumphs over patient well-being.

Effective Natural Therapies are Ignored

The cancer industry turns a blind eye to research on natural cancer fighters like:

Modified Citrus Pectin: This natural supplement derived from orange peels binds to the protein galectin-3, which aids tumor growth. Studies show MCP blocks cancer cell clumping, prevents new vessel formation, and reduces metastasis. It also enhances chemo and radiation effects.

Proteolytic Enzymes: These powerful enzymes boost immunity and have been used for decades to fight cancer. In studies by Dr. William Kelley, enzymes had a 93% success rate on early stage cancer patients. Even late stage patients saw a 50% chance of survival – far better than chemo’s dismal 2.1% average 5-year survival rate.

Herbs like turmeric, graviola, and cat’s claw: Ancient medicinal herbs contain unique compounds clinically proven to combat cancer. Conventional medicine dismisses herbs as quackery yet the research showing their tumor-fighting powers is overwhelming.

Cancer-fighting foods: Nature provides a vast array of foods shown to prevent and help treat cancer, like broccoli, berries, mushrooms, flaxseeds, and many more. Nutrition is ignored by the cancer industry yet likely holds the most promise.

The takeaway? Don’t believe the hype. Cancer doctors avoid their own treatments while suppressing research on natural alternatives that threaten their profits. You have options – don’t let them fool you.