Cause of Alzheimer’s is in your pocket?

The latest study published in the scientific journal Current Alzheimer Research found something shocking.  It’s that an item you often have in your pocket, or your purse is actually the cause for Alzheimer’s and age related memory loss.

It’s your cell phone.  That’s right. Scientists suspected it for a long time and research finally confirms it – cell phone radiation is warping the brains of children and adults.

Your cell phone — the device you frequently hold to your ear… Some people even keep it under their pillow… It contains a mini radar that has a whopping 2 watts of radiation. And you’re likely keeping it a fraction of an inch from your brain.

Your cell phone is more powerful than your computer. In fact, it’s hundreds of times more powerful than the supercomputer of Apollo 11. And this same cell phone emits enough radiation to cause Alzheimers.

But it was kept secret from you for a long time.

That’s right. Officials in California drafted a secret document about cell phone radiation as early as 2010. It’s just too bad that it was never released to the public!

The document said that a cell phone emits dangerous electromagnetic radiation. And it causes damage at the cellular level. And what’s the worst is that…

You’re frequently holding it to your ear! Which means, all of this harmful radiation directly affects your brain — killing your precious brain cells. No wonder millions of people are expected to get Alzheimers in the next 20 years:

So next time you’re talking on your phone, be aware that it emits harmful radiation.

Use the headphones. And not the wireless ones but old fashioned ones. Or use a speakerphone and keep it away from your brain. If you have an old fashioned landline, use that instead.

And definitely try to avoid the newest 5G technology because it transmits more radiation than the 4th or 3rd generation connections. Plus it has a higher cancer risk, cellular stress and even possible genetic damage.

Bottom line is — any wireless device transmits radiation that could be affecting your brain. So definitely try to avoid them if you can. And if you live near the cell phone tower antenna, you could be literally risking your life because these things receive and transmit signals with the power multiplied.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University published a study on the long-term effects of that radiation exposure and found it led to several serious health problems…

Such as eczema, psoriasis, allergic and inflammatory reactions, neurological and reproductive problems, tumors and mood disorders such as depression, irritability and lack of concentration.

And if you’ve lived in the closed proximity to a cell phone tower, consider detoxifying yourself using Bentonite clay. It’s so powerful that it was successfully used for kids after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Detox clays have been used as a detoxification method for hundreds of years to remove all types of disease symptoms.

They have the ability to remove toxic metals and chemical residues, bacteria, and blood toxins with virtually no side effects.