Crack ‘Em and Sing: 115-Year-Old’s Surprising Secrets to Staying Young

Raw eggs and a daily song could be the recipe for a long life, at least according to Emma Morano, who recently turned 115 years old and is one of the oldest women in the world. Living in a small mountain town in Verbania, Italy, Morano enjoys the support of her community and chows down on raw eggs and raw steak every single day. Her unique lifestyle raises the question: what can we learn from this lively centenarian?

The Power of Natural Food

One thing is for sure, Emma Morano does not adhere to conventional dietary guidelines. She doesn’t consume many vegetables or fruits and, instead, fills up on raw eggs and steak.

Surprisingly, her diet has kept her in good health for over a century. While it may seem unusual, Morano’s food choices are natural and unprocessed – none of the modified or artificial ingredients that fill so many aisles of grocery stores. By consuming real food, she benefits from naturally occurring nutrients that support better health. Morano also avoids pharmaceuticals, which can have a myriad of side effects and long-term consequences.

Her lifestyle offers a stark contrast to the so-called “fake food” prevalent in modern diets, full of added sugars, unhealthy fats, and synthetic chemicals. Perhaps it’s time to consider that simplicity and natural ingredients hold the key to longevity.

The Importance of Social Support

Equally as crucial to Morano’s longevity is the social support she receives from her family and community. Her loved ones take care of her daily needs, helping with household chores and even providing things like new TVs when the need arises. Her family doctor has made house calls for over 25 years, ensuring that she stays in good health.

Morano’s story demonstrates how a strong community and social engagement can play a significant role in supporting our wellbeing. Consider your relationships and whether you derive strength from the people around you. Building and maintaining a close-knit circle of support can contribute to your overall health and happiness.

The Joy of Singing

In addition to her unusual diet and firm support system, Morano’s love of singing has undoubtedly contributed to her long life. Music has a special power to heal, uplift, and inspire, and singing is an expression of that power.

Not only does singing provide an emotional and creative outlet, but it’s also a form of exercise. It requires controlled breathing and vocal strength, especially if you aspire to give belting performances like Morano. If you want to weave more joy into your days, why not find a song that resonates and sing out loud – whether it’s in the shower, on your commute, or in the company of others.

The Takeaway

While Emma Morano’s lifestyle may not be directly applicable to everyone, there are universal lessons we can learn from her story. Embrace natural, unprocessed foods; lean on social support from loved ones and community; and nurture your inner creativity – whether it’s singing or another form of artistic expression.

By incorporating these lessons into our own lives, we can foster better health, longevity, and a stronger sense of vitality. And who knows? Maybe someday your unique lifestyle will inspire future generations to follow suit.