Doctor Dismissed Natural Remedies – What We Found Will Shock You!

Ignorance may be bliss in some instances, but when it comes to our health and wellness, being informed is crucial. We all need to know when a problem is too serious for over-the-counter remedies, and when a medical professional’s help is required. But what happens when the doctor you consult is the one who is ignorant? There’s no bliss; rather, there’s potential danger. That danger increases when our healthcare providers dismiss the very therapies and supplements that are helping us improve our health.

A Disturbing Experience with a Medical Professional

Allow me to share a personal experience with you. I recently accompanied a friend to the office of one of the leading immunologists in our area. There, we encountered a young doctor-in-training who was dismissive of my friend’s comment about feeling better since she started taking olive leaf extract and curcumin (turmeric) supplements. The doctor, with a barely concealed smirk, fired off a rant about how there’s no evidence to support the effectiveness of alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, or Indian therapies.

Where she got the idea that there’s no scientific data supporting the effectiveness of these therapies escapes me, particularly considering that she’s part of a younger generation of medical practitioners trained to focus on self-care, prevention, and alternative therapies. Her ignorance, fueled by arrogance, was staggering. To make matters worse, she failed to recognize the need to continually learn, expand her knowledge, and offer better advice to her patients.

The Facts Speak for Themselves

Upon returning home, I searched for articles on olive leaf extract and curcumin, focusing on their use for immunity and inflammation, and found tens of thousands of study results. Yes, you read that right: tens of thousands of scientifically conducted, placebo-controlled studies performed by reputable universities and published in prestigious journals from around the world.

For example, searching just for “olive” brought up 18,657 results related to clinical trials and studies on olives. Looking at “olive oil and cholesterol” found 831 scientific papers. Five specific studies on olive leaf extract as an antiviral treatment for various viruses were revealed when searching for “olive leaf extract antiviral.”

As for turmeric, a PubMed search produced 2,437 results. There were 236 scientific studies on its use for inflammation and another 72 for managing diabetes. A search focusing on curcumin, turmeric’s active component, showed 5,590 results that included investigations into its application for treating conditions such as arthritis, hepatitis, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

Taking Your Health into Your Own Hands

If your healthcare provider discourages you from trying natural treatments or supplements that could improve your quality of life, I encourage you to do some research. Platforms like allow you to download abstracts and summaries of the findings of countless studies. These can help foster conversations with your doctor, ensuring you get the most informed advice possible.

It’s remarkable just how widespread the ignorance is when it comes to alternative health treatments. We should always strive to educate ourselves and be our own health advocates, in both our daily lives and our interactions with healthcare providers. Remember, we all have the right to make informed decisions about the care and attention we receive, and knowledge isn’t just power—it’s the path to optimal health and wellbeing.