Get Strong Bones with a Purr: How Your Cat Boosts Health and Healing!

Staying healthy, stress-free, and improving bone strength may be as simple as keeping a cat by your side. Recent studies suggest that the sound of a cat purring can help prevent heart attacks, heal injuries, and even promote relaxation. What is it about the feline purr that makes it so potent?

The secret of a cat’s purr starts in its larynx, where the vocal cords produce a vibration. This vibration is matched by the cat’s hyoid bone, a small, curved bone beneath the chin that resonates at a frequency of 25-140 cycles per second. This specific frequency has been linked to numerous therapeutic benefits for various medical conditions.

Why Do Cats Purr?

While no one knows exactly why cats purr, several theories exist. The simplest theory is that cats purr to bond with their kittens. Another possibility is that purring indicates contentment or happiness. However, this theory may not hold up, as cats have been known to purr when injured or sick.

This observation has led some to speculate that cats purr to heal themselves. In fact, researcher Elizabeth von Muggenthaler, a bioacoustics specialist at North Carolina’s Fauna Communications Research Institute, believes that purring provides felines with an evolutionary healing advantage.

Medical Benefits

A cat’s purr has been associated with a range of medical benefits, including:

1. Decreased Stress

Holding a purring cat is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation. A 2011 survey by the Mental Health Foundation and Cats Protection revealed that 87% of cat owners felt their pets positively impacted their well-being, and 76% found it easier to cope with everyday life thanks to their feline friends.

2. Easier Breathing

Researchers have also found that the sound of a cat’s purr can improve breathing.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

By reducing stress, spending time with your purring cat can help lower blood pressure.

4. Stronger Bones

Frequencies of 25 and 50 Hz promote bone healing, while 100 Hz frequencies can increase bone strength. This means that your cat’s purring could actually help prevent osteoporosis.

5. Heart Attack Prevention

Thanks to decreased stress levels and lower blood pressure, recent studies have linked cat ownership with reducing the risk of heart attack by as much as 40%.

6. Healing Infections, Swelling, and Injuries

Purr vibrations can stimulate the healing of infections, swelling, muscle, and ligament injuries, making your cat a significant therapeutic ally.


While cats are known for providing their owners with love and companionship, their “Purr Therapy” may also offer a range of medical benefits. By simply cuddling and petting your cat, you might avoid unnecessary doctor visits and maintain a strong, healthy life.