Healthy Brain in Stressful Times

Have you ever noticed that you can’t think straight when you’re stressed? And you end up making wrong decisions? You’re not alone. Far from it!

Here’s something nobody talks about…

Stress is the primary reason why some people throw away their lives by committing crimes.

Domestic violence, road rage incidents, even physical fights happen because people are stressed. Stress is everywhere…

  • At work – dealing with overload of work, impossible deadlines, abusive bosses, and backstabbing coworkers
  • Social media – disinformation, fake news, people showing off their seemingly perfect lives…it’s all an endless source of drama and stress.
  • IPhones, IPads and other gadgets – and their constant distraction. Teens spend most of their time on them and that’s why youth suicide rates are shooting through the roof.
  • Relationship stress – partners cheating, breakups, divorces, lawyers, courts, former partners denying access to kids.
  • Kids – they’re so cute when they’re little, but once they grow into teenagers, you better watch out!
  • Aging parents – their health is deteriorating and they need care, which adds up to your overloaded plate
  • Your own Health problems – that’s if all of the above wasn’t enough.

With all of the above, it’s a miracle that you’re still alive with all this stress in your life. And while the stress is unavoidable, and it can negatively affect your brain, the good news is…

There’s a natural remedy that completely obliterates not only stress but also negative thoughts and the moments of feeling frazzled. It all starts with this.

Brain secret that turned Roman soldiers into fearless warriors

Believe it or not, this herb was used as a battlefield secret used by the Roman Empire to give their soldiers an edge over the enemy.

The name of this super herb? It’s called St. John’s Wort.

Not only can it help you feel calmer and more “at ease”, reducing stress, but it could also boost your immune system. 

No wonder it’s been used for centuries by millions of people as part of traditional medicine in Europe.