Paleo Power: Eat More Fruit and Veggies to Live Longer and Beat Disease

The paleo diet is known for being relatively simple yet incredibly effective in promoting good health. Comprising mainly of fruits and vegetables, it significantly lowers your risk of stroke, heart disease, and cancer. It even offers a helping hand in quitting smoking. Although not exactly a secret, the real benefits of these foods seem to be almost unknown to most people.


A key reason behind the paleo diet’s success is its ties to longevity. Various studies have shown that consuming an abundance of fruits and vegetables is directly linked to living longer lives. Research carried out at the University College London, involving more than 65,000 participants, showed that consuming seven or more portions of fruits and vegetables daily reduces your overall risk of death by an impressive 42 percent.

The study also found that this increased intake of fruits and vegetables decreases the risk of death by cancer by 25 percent and reduces the chances of dying due to heart disease by 31 percent. Researchers noted that every vegetable serving decreases the daily risk of death by 16 percent, while fruits lower the risk by 4 percent.

According to researcher Oyinlola Oyebode, the results of the study indicate that eating more fruits and vegetables can lead to a healthier, longer life. Vegetables seem to have a larger effect than fruits, but both have significant benefits.

By following the paleo diet, you ensure proper consumption of fruits and vegetables, while avoiding processed foods, wheat products, corn products, and sugary packaged foods – all of which are harmful to your well-being.

Avoid canned fruits and fruit juice

It’s worth noting that canned fruits and fruit juices can increase the daily risk of death by 17 percent per serving. This is primarily due to high sugar levels found in most canned fruit products, which outweigh any potential health benefits.

People with pre-existing health conditions, hectic lifestyles, or those living in deprived areas may be more likely to consume canned fruits and fruit juices due to lack of access to fresh groceries. But whenever possible, opting for unprocessed fruits will lead to improved health outcomes.

Even more benefits

A plethora of other studies have highlighted the many health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables:

  • A Chinese study involving over 760,000 participants found that consuming 200 grams of fruit daily reduces the risk of stroke by 32 percent, while consuming an equal amount of vegetables lowers the risk by 11 percent.
  • According to a study at the Minneapolis Heart Institute, women in their 20s can decrease their chances of suffering from middle-aged heart disease by 40 percent if they consume around eight servings of fruits and vegetables each day.
  • Research conducted at the University of Buffalo revealed that smokers who manage to quit are three times more likely to have had a daily diet packed with fruits and vegetables.

The consequences of a typical American diet high in processed foods can be seen in the widespread health problems that plague the nation. However, following the paleo diet can provide a fighting chance towards staying healthy and enjoying a long life.

The key takeaway is simple: the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to die at any age. Borrowing wisdom from the paleo diet, by centering your meals around fruits and vegetables, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a longer, healthier life.