Quiet Down Your Life to Shrink Your Waist: The Surprising Link Between Noise and Belly Fat

You’ve probably heard about pollution and toxins in the air, water, and food being responsible for countless health issues. However, researchers in Sweden have found that one common toxic element, noise, can be a culprit for weight gain, especially around the midriff area.

During a 15-year study, it was discovered that being constantly exposed to various noise sources, such as cars, trucks, buses, trains, and airplanes, increased your chances of developing a significant belly bulge. Living under the noisy flight path of jet planes taking off and landing at an airport was identified as the primary noise source responsible for increasing waistlines. When you are continually exposed to multiple noise sources simultaneously – like busy highways and nearby airports – your risk for a larger belly rises significantly. The risk also increases as you age, with significant belly expansion mainly found in people aged over 60.

But why does our body react to noise by increasing our waistlines? The researchers attributed it to the stress hormone called cortisol. When you’re stressed by noise, your body produces more cortisol, which then stimulates the deposit of fat tissue around your middle.

Combating Noise-Induced Belly Bulge

Switch to Manual Lawn and Gardening Tools

If you’re keen to slim down your waistline, reducing the noise around you is essential. One way to do this is by switching over to manual lawn and gardening tools. Gas-powered mowers and leaf blowers can create a loud, rumbling noise in suburban neighborhoods, adding to other noise sources like nearby highways or airports.

Using manual tools like a rotary mower for cutting grass and weeds not only reduces noise pollution but also gives you the added benefit of some low-intensity exercise, which can be beneficial for both physical and mental well-being.

Invest in Noise-Reducing Home Improvements

If you reside in a noisy area, several noise-reducing home improvements can make a difference in your overall noise exposure. These include installing double-paned windows, adding insulation to walls and ceilings, sealing gaps and cracks, and even placing thick rugs on the floor. For further information on fantastic noise reduction strategies, check out this article on the family handyman blog.

Utilize DHEA Supplements

The hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is released after a stressful event to help the body calm down. With low DHEA levels being common in present-day living, this can contribute to increased belly fat. Excess cortisol resulting from increased noise exposure can also drain your DHEA levels faster than normal and leave you feeling exhausted.

Implementing DHEA supplements into your daily routine may help fight noise-induced belly bulge. A daily dosage of just 10mg can contribute to lowering cortisol levels and combating excess midriff weight. DHEA supplements can be easily found at health food stores or online sources like Amazon.

Practice Stress-Relief Techniques

Lastly, it’s essential to implement stress-relief techniques to lower cortisol levels and reduce belly bulge. Activities like deep breathing, meditation, and yoga can provide an effective way to cope with stress and decrease cortisol production.

It’s important to recognize the impact that noise can have on both our mental and physical health. By taking proactive steps to reduce exposure to noise and manage stress, you can work towards a healthier, and potentially slimmer, future.