Shedding Pounds with a Paleo Plus-Up: My Simple Strategy for a Slimmer Waist

When I started a new chapter in my life last summer, I ended up putting on 10 unwanted pounds in just five months. I had been following the paleo diet for around four years and had lost 20 pounds during that time. I never thought I would see the extra weight again, but it was back. This sudden weight gain made me take a step back and analyze what changes had happened in my life that could have contributed to this.

A decline in incidental exercise

As I compared my old and new lifestyle, I came to some interesting revelations. One major factor that contributed to my weight gain was a significant decrease in my incidental physical activity. Incidental exercise refers to any physical movements we make throughout the day that aren’t part of a structured exercise routine. In my previous house, I used to walk up long driveways, climb stairs, and even walk down hallways to get to the kitchen. All those small activities added up to a considerable amount of exercise. However, my new house didn’t offer such opportunities. Consequently, my overall activity level dropped drastically.

Consuming sugary snacks

Another contributing factor was the introduction of gluten-free snacks and dried fruits into my diet. These foods are generally considered to be healthier alternatives, but they still contain a significant amount of sugar. Even though I was cautious about consuming them in moderation, it seemed that they still had an impact on my weight.

Reduced resistance exercises

While I continued to do aerobic exercises and lift weights regularly, I noticed that I had slightly reduced my resistance exercises. Instead of doing them every other day, I had shifted to only twice a week. I had become too lenient with myself, which led to this reduction in intensity.

The steps I took for weight loss

Once I understood the factors that led to my weight gain, it was time to make some changes. Here are the steps I took to tackle the extra pounds:

  1. Increase resistance exercises: I made it a point to resume lifting weights every other day. No excuses. Even when I felt too tired for weights, I pushed through, realizing that doing these exercises actually made me feel more energetic.
  2. Eliminate gluten-free processed foods: I decided to avoid gluten-free processed foods completely and switched to healthier snacks like nuts and fresh fruits (not dried).
  3. Increase protein intake: I bumped up my protein consumption. Numerous studies have shown that a diet higher in protein can help with weight loss. Additionally, research from the University of Illinois has found that combining a high-protein diet with exercise can lead to improved weight loss results by helping to maintain muscle mass.

The dependable results

Following these changes over the past month, I have already lost 5 of the 10 pounds I had gained. I feel better, more energetic, and happier with my reflection in the mirror. I still have a few more pounds to shed, but now that I have identified and addressed the causes of my weight gain, I am confident in my ability to reach my goals.

The takeaway

Life changes, and with it, our routines and habits may need to be adjusted as well. If you find yourself gaining weight, it’s essential to take a step back and analyze the factors that might be contributing to it. By making a few simple observations and adjustments, you can regain control of your weight and continue to enjoy a healthy, fit, and happy lifestyle.