Moms Beware: The Hidden Dangers of a Common Hormone Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) poses an incredibly high risk and has caused the deaths of more women than wars have killed men since the Civil War. Synthetic estrogen, or so-called estrogen therapy, has been proven to cause cancer and heart attacks. Despite the published scientific evidence by the Journal of the American Medical Association, gynecologists continue to prescribe synthetic estrogen.

Is there a justification for the death of tens of thousands of women due to HRT? The ignorance of both doctors and women receiving treatment should not be overlooked. The phrase “my doctor told me” is a dangerous one, as not all medical professionals are informed about alternative methods for prevention and reversal of cancer. More often than not, doctors are prone to prescribing drugs over any other treatment.

The solution? Balanced nutrition and natural progesterone supplementation not only prevent cancer but also reverse pre-malignant cells and diagnosed cancer. Natural complexes such as folic acid and vitamins A, C, and E are crucial in prevention and reversing early cancer cells back to normal. In addition, folic acid is vital for protecting blood vessels against damage from the amino acid homocysteine, which leads to heart disease.

Synthetic Estrogen and Natural Progesterone

Synthetic estrogen leads to estrogen dominance and cancer. Countering this effect is natural progesterone, which has proven benefits in not only females but males as well. Cancer is systemic, meaning when we have it, it’s all over our body. This fact makes surgery a cruel joke, as malfunctions in our biochemistry mainly cause cancer, stemming from a poor diet and widespread synthetic estrogen therapy.

Understanding Estrogen Dominance

The central cause of the cancer epidemic in the United States is estrogen dominance in the human system. This stems from widespread synthetic estrogen therapy on women and saturation of food and fiber with xenoestrogens (pronounced “zeno estrogens”), or bad synthetic estrogens found in various household and commercial chemicals.

Estrogen dominance is applicable to all ages, both female and male, and is a significant factor in feeding the cancer industry. The answers for estrogen dominance are balanced nutrition and persistent and ongoing use of natural progesterone by men and women. We emphasize natural progesterone, not artificial progestin (prescription medicine).

The Benefits of Natural Progesterone

Unfortunately, the knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of natural progesterone is not widespread, as it is not a patented drug and not under the control of the FDA. Natural progesterone is crucial for both men and women, as it produces no secondary sex characteristics and plays a vital role as a precursor of the natural production of various adrenal steroids, including cortisone, androstenedione, testosterone, and natural estrogens.

Curiously, both sexes begin to lose their natural production of progesterone around age 40. Synthetic estrogen has been linked to numerous health issues and side effects, while natural progesterone has numerous benefits for both men and women of all ages. These benefits include water metabolism, increasing libido, balancing thyroid function, assisting in fat metabolism for energy, helping cells use oxygen and stimulate bone growth, and reversing osteoporosis. Natural progesterone is also proven to protect against strokes and be heart-protective by inhibiting atherogenesis, the formation of plaque-building cholesterol that leads to heart attacks.

The Importance of Balancing Nutrition and Natural Progesterone

In conclusion, the cancer crisis is directly related to unopposed synthetic estrogen dominance. A balanced diet and the consistent use of natural progesterone for both men and women are crucial in preventing and treating cancer. It is time for a change in the methods adopted by medical professionals, with education being the key to breaking the cycle of dangerous synthetic estrogen prescriptions.