Soothe Your Emotional Storms: Discover the Swift Relief of BAUD Therapy

We all have emotional triggers that can suddenly cause anger, sadness, anxiety, or happiness. These emotions can be triggered by factors such as a smell, a sound, or even someone’s tone of voice. In some cases, these triggers can disrupt our lives, leading to problematic decision-making and negatively impacting our overall well-being.

Traditional psychotherapy can take years to resolve these emotional triggers, while more recent alternatives like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) have demonstrated success in just single sessions. However, there is an even newer and quicker therapy available: Bio Acoustical Utilization Device (BAUD) therapy.

Introducing BAUD Therapy

The BAUD is a handheld device designed to address emotional triggers and disruptive thought patterns through neuroacoustic stimulation. This FDA-cleared and registered tool is based on recent neuroscience research and was invented by Dr. Frank Lawlis, the clinical director of the Lawlis-Peavey Clinic in Dallas. The BAUD’s patented technology uses specific sound frequencies and waveforms to stimulate neural plasticity in targeted ways and promote assisted neurotherapy.

Unlike other devices used in biofeedback, the BAUD doesn’t need an external monitor to track a user’s progress. Instead, users gauge their neural response through their sensations and by tuning the frequencies to aim for specific results. Researchers believe that BAUD works by stimulating a parasympathetic response in the brain areas that govern emotional triggers. Thus, this regulates neural function and dramatic relief from negative emotions.

Breaking Down Unwanted Patterns

Simply put, the BAUD device helps users disrupt unwanted neural patterns and alleviate the overwhelming emotions tied to past traumas that can provoke strong physical reactions (e.g., sweating, muscle cramping, headache, or nausea). By resolving emotional programming caused by past experiences, users can shift their decision-making and beliefs about themselves, their health, and their view of the world.

Users just need to listen to sound frequencies through BAUD earphones, which influences the areas in the brain responsible for neural activity.

Simple, Effective, and Diverse Applications

The BAUD device effectively treats three main categories: emotional issues, impulses and urges, and physical symptoms (especially pain). Here’s how it works:

  1. Activate your target issue (emotional trigger) by concentrating on it. Identify the area in your body where you feel the problem and allow yourself to fully experience it.

  2. Switch on the BAUD and balance the sound in your earphones by adjusting the volume-control knobs for each ear. Ensure the sound is moderately loud, equal in both ears, and feels centered in your head.

  3. Slowly tune the pitch or arousal frequency until you feel the sound connects with your problem location or your feelings.

  4. Keep focusing on your problem feelings as you slowly turn the disruptor knob. Find a place where the sound seems to neutralize or reduce the negative feeling (e.g., anxiety) you are focusing on. This indicates that you are targeting the neural areas of the brain.

  5. Continue activating your target problem by consciously focusing on it, thus keeping neural activity in the brain areas that need targeting. Do this for anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes after finding the frequency that reduces your target emotion before turning off the BAUD and ending the session.

By addressing emotional challenges such as pain and mental barriers, BAUD therapy could be a powerful tool for overcoming difficult psychological issues that are impacting your life.