Want a Date? Being Fun Might Just Be the Key!

Feeling weighed down by your single status? In the tricky world of dating and relationships, being more lighthearted and playful just might be the key to finding your perfect match. As it turns out, new research suggests that playful people are considered more attractive as potential partners.

In a study examining the traits most sought after in a mate, students identified “kind and understanding” as the top quality. However, “sense of humor” and “fun-loving” ranked second and third, respectively. Significantly, “playfulness” secured the fourth spot. So, what is it about being playful that makes someone more appealing as a partner?

It’s About More Than Smiles and Laughter

Although the qualities of being “fun-loving” or having a “sense of humor” are significant, “playfulness” is an entirely different aspect. Being playful entails engaging in lighthearted, joyful, and spontaneous activities that make others feel good and break away from the routine. It implies a certain level of openness and creativity, which heightens one’s attractiveness as a partner.

Some experts even believe that sharing playful moments can create a deeper bond between partners. These shared experiences build intimacy and promote trust in a relationship, helping to create a strong foundation. Perhaps that’s why playfulness is so cherished when searching for a suitable mate.

The Role of Playfulness in Attracting Mates

Garry Chick, a professor at Penn State, explains that playfulness serves as a signal of an individual’s value as a mate, just like other traits exhibited by humans and animals. For example, birds showcase their colorful plumage to attract partners, while men may display expensive cars or clothing to signify their wealth and status.

For men, being playful can signal to women that they are non-aggressive and less likely to harm them or their offspring. As a result, playfulness in men may be linked to a sense of reliability and safety.

On the other hand, a woman’s playfulness can be a sign of her youth and fertility. This seemingly innocent trait might be the very key to her appeal as a partner, as studies have shown that men are often attracted to younger and more fertile women.

The Connection Between Playfulness and Intelligence

Playfulness isn’t just a feel-good trait. It has been linked to intelligence, as it requires cognitive resources for creative thinking and understanding complex situations. So when you display your playful side, you may be unknowingly showcasing your intelligence to potential partners.

Intelligence is an attractive trait in the dating world, mainly because it’s connected to problem-solving skills, adaptability, and understanding other people. It’s no surprise, then, that playfulness can serve as an attractive feature in potential mates.

How to Incorporate More Playfulness into Your Life

If you feel that your dating life could use a dash of playfulness, here are some tips to help you unlock your playful side:

  1. Embrace your inner child: Reach back to your childhood, recall playful memories, and try to incorporate that same spirit into your daily life.

  2. Find new hobbies or interests: Pick up a fun and engaging activity that encourages playfulness, such as painting, dancing, or social sports.

  3. Make time for relaxation and leisure: Playfulness requires you to be stress-free and open-minded, so prioritize relaxation.

  4. Be open to spontaneity: Respond to invitations to new experiences and maintain an open attitude (as long as they are safe and comfortable for you).

  5. Practice humor and laughter: Laughter is a universal language that brings people together. Learn to laugh at yourself and find humor in daily life.

  6. Surround yourself with playful friends: Like attracts like. Spend time with friends who bring out your fun and playful side.

By adopting a more playful demeanor, you might just increase your chances of finding a compatible partner and building a solid foundation for a long-lasting, loving relationship. Go ahead and embrace your playful side — you never know who you might attract!